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Explore our Base & Simmer Sauce Product Range and SKUs

Brett Anthony Foods pre-made Base and Simmer sauces will transform any protein or vegetable dish into a delectable feast while saving time and money.

Take your customers on a culinary journey around the globe, from east to west. Everyone has a go-to sauce that enhances the flavor of any dish. Our variety will undoubtedly contribute to your range of go-to sauces.

Base & Simmer Sauces SKUs

Garlic White Wine
Sesame Ginger Sauce
Jerk Chicken Sauce
Cheddar Cheese Sauce
Shakshouka Sauce

Coq au Vin
Asian BBQ
Sweet & Sour Sauce
Cape Malay Curry
Harissa Sauce
Meat Sauce
Mole Verde

Adobo Sauce
Coconut Tomato
Sweet & Spicy
Thai Coconut
Thai Red Curry
Thai Yellow Curry
Basil Pesto
Pad Thai Sauce
Chimichurri Sauce

Brett Anthony Foods Teriyaki Sauce - tangy and sweet.

One of our favorite Umami Sauces

Tangy and sweet.


Distinct Japanese flavoring infuses this sweet and tangy sauce with a robust umami punch. The soy sauce base has a balanced flavor with notes of garlic and ginger, making this sauce pair splendidly with any protein.

Teriyaki is a perfect sauce in various Japanese-inspired cuisines due to its versatility and distinctive flavor profile.

Brett Anthony Foods Alfredo Sauce - a lovely satisfying go-to sauce.

One of our favorite Creamy Sauces

A lovely satisfying go-to sauce.

Alfredo Sauce

This rich and decadent sauce is made with cream, garlic, and parmesan and is a wonderfully indulgent treat that will easily become a weekly favorite pasta-dinner addition.

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Together with our talented R&D chefs, we’ll customize the perfect product range or SKU with quality ingredients, delicious flavor profiles, and flexible quantities to suit your business needs.

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