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The culinary love affair with salad dressings stretches back to nearly 2,000 BC when the Babylonians first flavored salads with oil and vinegar. As the years progressed, spices, lemon juice, and more ingredients were added. Then, by mid-1700, mayonnaise first appeared on a French nobleman’s table.

By collaborating with Brett Anthony Foods, you can bring well-loved salad dressings to your customers. You can also expand on this culinary staple by drawing on our team’s collective 75+ years of knowledge to help you create your own.

Salad Dressing SKUs

Blue Cheese

Honey Mustard
Green Goddess
Tahini Dressing
Red Wine Vinaigrette

Brett Anthony Foods Caesar Salad Dressing - rich and creamy and an all-around favorite.

One of our favorite Salad Dressings

Rich and creamy and an all-around favorite.

Caesar Salad Dressing

This classic salad dressing is a perfect formula of fresh garlic, lemons juice, and Worcestershire, folded into a creamy mayonnaise base with delicious anchovies, parmesan, and Dijon mustard accents.

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